Cooperative leadership style and high ownership

We are convinced that, in their economic actions, the human seeks a sense and a task in which they can unfold their personality.

The famous Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl expresses it with the following words:

"It is not in the concrete profession as such, but in each case, whether that personal and specific, which constitutes the uniqueness of our existence, comes into the work and thus makes life meaningful or not."

We are convinced that: "Those who pursue a profession only for money will remain unsuccessful and unsatisfied. Only those who pursue a profession that gives them joy and always demands and promotes, who will succeed, who has success, will not have to worry about financial matters. "

In this respect, our corporate philosophy is based on a cooperative management style and great trust in our employees. These act as entrepreneurs, with great responsibility.

Also lived family sense corresponds to this basic attitude and long-term relationships with our employees are accordingly important to us. We see social responsibility as an essential element for a sustainable corporate success.


Cultural diversity and social commitment

GTI International Construction Technology Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. strives to attract the best talents from all countries to the company. We welcome their cultural diversity and promote many activities to foster social contacts.

In addition, GTI International Construction Technology Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. provides all employees and business partners with the security of a healthy, financially strong private company.

We provide our customers with high-quality products and services in harmony with nature and the environment and want to make our sustainable contribution to economic prosperity and social cohesion in China.